A Feasibility Estimate is a starting point for our work to see if you project makes sense financially for you.  It's not a bid, that comes later, but it is a starting estimate we get to you very early in the process.  But it's not a "ball park guess" either.  Rather it's an estimate--and a lot more--based on your plan (or a plan close to what you want if you don't have your final plan yet) based on our extensive cost database and current market conditions.  It's realistic but will change as you get your final plan and start to make specific decisions about your home. 


We usually can get you your feasibility estimate in 48 to 72  hours of our first meeting. 

It's also more.  We also provide you with an allowance schedule (see the "Focus on the numbers: Allowances"), a timeline of construction, and a representative  draw schedule showing when we would be asking for draws.  You can open an example of each document below.


This will give you a general overview of what is contained and how to use yur feasibility estimate.



How long will it take to build your project?  This gives you an idea of the timeline for the "critical path" of your project.  Will it change?  Sure, this is just a starting estimate and even when we finalize the project the timeline wll change.  But is a start and gives you an idea of what is done when.


Rough Estimate

It's not a bid.  But it is a guide to how well your project aligns with your budget.  The final numbers will change and we try not to "under estimate".  It also shows a good approximation of your allowances.  


Draw Schedule 

When will we be asking you for draws?  If you are financing your home, we will all work with your ender to set up the final draw schedule but this gives you a good idea of when payments will need to be made.

Draw Schedule.png